XP reinstall restart problem

Greetings all. I have the following setup:

Abit NF8-V2
512MB Kingston HyperX RAM
ATI Radeon 9700PRO
Fortron Source 530-60GNA (530W) PSU
2 Hitachi Deskstars 164GB in RAID 0 configuration

I tried to do a reinstall of Windows XP. It finishes the install and then once it reboots, it continually does so. Each time the safe mode prompt comes up. I swapped out the PSU twice and did another reinstall but the same thing occurs. Any ideas? In the meantime I'm going to do a memory test.
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  1. Okay. I tried installing XP with newer RAID drivers from Nvidia. I then tried the install with older drivers. The older drivers seemed to work. I have no idea why the newer drivers would be a problem. Anyway, everything seems fine now. If I have any problems I'll let you all know... if you really care.

    On a side note, I accidentally broke off the piece that the SATA cable plugs into on one of my hard drives. The piece that broke off is now permanently stuck in the cable end! I was able to line up the then badly bent and exposed pins and plug it back in and it works just fine. I just grazed it and it snapped right off. Pretty bad design if you asked me. That would never happen with the old ATA drives for obvious reasons.
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