Sharing files over wireless networking issues

Over the teething phase now ......... successfully set up Netgear with the use of Static IP and manually entering the Mac addresses of comps that are authorised to connect thru it ! works like a beaute!!

Disappointed in the way Windows XP HOme manages the network though - 1) there seems to be little standardisation when it comes to OEM ( pre-installed XP Home ) I use an ASUS and the other laptap is a NEC and the latter seems to share the networked resource and display it under MSHOme which resides under MS Windows Network which in turn is under Entire Network ...........phew! and the other laptop shows up under 'Workgroup' as it should;

2) changed this setting in control panel/system/computer name and it worked though............... its funny how at first it showed both the comps on the network but asked for a pasword ( punching in the respective log in passwords to no avail ......... ;

3) then shared the requisite folders on each of the machine and MY ASUS showed up on the NEC but not the other way around ..................

4) Worst of all!! I've got indexing service OFF; dunno if that contributed to what followed; but when I tried to share folders and make them available it brought up a blue screen and re-started the pc !! horrific

no winning with MS eh? or I must be doing something terribly wrong ! anyways ran checkdsk and nothing reported and both pcs work great! still trying to share folders though ...............
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  1. PCs need to have the same usernames and passwords. They also need to be on the same Workgroup. In order to see a PC on the Network, you usually have to actually have a share created. Either a file or a folder.
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