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64-bit not working!

I just installed my 64-bit Vista and It still shows up in the 'personalize' section as 32-bit... Any word on this? In my 'system' section it shows up as a 64-bit OS

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  1. When you right click on the desktop and click 'personalize' then in 'display settings' should it have an option for '64-bit color' cause I only have '32-bit highest'
  2. ok so vista 64-bit does not support 64-bit color is what I'm hearing from other sources. Can anyone back this up, hopefully this was just a big misunderstanding :)
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest you have confused color depth with processing and OS architecture. There is no connection, I don't think. I could be missing something here but 32 bit color is what you are supposed to have, even on a 64 bit OS. That's what I have on Vista 64 and I'm pretty sure that's standard.
  4. yes big misunderstanding thanks!
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