Laptop doesn't boot to CD!

Hi all. I have a old laptop (Notino Hi-Grade, Intel P2 with MMX, 233MHz, 144MB RAM, 2.6GB HDD) from 1998 which currently has no OS. It most recently had 98SE installed until I took the HDD out (touched it), put it back in, and everything's wiped off! :fou:

I have a bootable CD with a ISO installation of Windows Whistler build 2267, and I want to install it on it. However, the laptop does NOT boot to the CD. The CD's drive lens must be healthy since CDs worked properly when I had and was in 98SE. I changed the boot order to booting the CD first, and even chose it manually - no luck. I then created a bootable USB with the same ISO file, and no luck. Again, the USB port should be healthy as it worked before.

Yes, the ISO file, my USB drive and my CD-ROM are all OK because I tried them on another PC and all work. :D

I have a Windows 98 floppy disk, and I put it in the USB floppy drive, and yes, the system boots to it. BUT, I don't need 98! And I don't have any other floppies, or blank ones. So in short, the laptop boots to the floppy, but not the CD and USB. :??:

Just a few notes in case you need them:
1. On the BIOS, my CD-ROM drive is called ATAPI.
2. The PC has no OS so whatever I do it says OS not found after selecting every boot device.
3. I've searched many other forums regarding this problem I have and have had no luck yet, that's why I'm asking here now.
4. My BIOS is PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
5. On the BIOS, the IDE Adapter Master and Slave are both [None] and can't be changed (I don't exactly know what these are but maybe it's a issue to booting to CD)
6. When I did the 'test' boot of that 98 floppy, when I select 'boot from floppy', the USB floppy drive makes a noise (sounds as if it's reading the floppy) and then it's finally in. But when I select to boot from CD-ROM drive, the CD doesn't even make a noise (i.e. it doesn't spin, so it's not being read)
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  1. I think your problem is point 5. The BIOS is not recognizing the hard disk or the CD drive. I can only think that you did something when you took the hard disk out to cause this. Until you get the computer to recognize those devices you are not going to get anywhere.
  2. Really? Why though? I think it should AT LEAST try to boot to a CD even without a HDD, since an internal HDD is not the only storage method.

    Also, usually when I turn on the laptop, the HDD is just quiet, as if it's inactive. Then when I 'press' the HDD (towards the ports) I can hear it on, just natural noises computers always make. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm sure you've already done this, but did you reset the BIOS to default settings?
  4. Yes I did. No difference!
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