e4300 OC report & memory question HELP PLZ!

EDIT: added CPU-Z screenshot: http://www.ryu.at/clip2.jpg


stable config:

E4300 (dont know stepping, bought it end of april)
Scythe Ninja Plus (with 120mm fan)
Gigabyte P965 DS3 rev3.3
Corsair XMS2 PC5400 CL4 (see link below)
be quiet PSU 450W

CPU temp = 25 degree celsius (idle)
CPU temp = 44 degree celsius (load)
mainboard temp = 35 degree celsius
several fans installed. pretty drafty inside the case.

FSB = 320Mhz
CPU clock = 2880 Mhz
memory divider = 1:1
memory clock = 640 Mhz
latencies = 4-4-4-12
Vcore = 1.296 (idle)
Vcore = 1.280 (load)
vDIMM = 1.9V

all other voltages at default values

now for my problem:

I tried a lot of settings for memory (voltages up to 2.0 - don't wanna go higher; and various latencies, cl4 and cl5), but I cannot exceed an FSB of 320. Starting windows at 333Mhz CL4 1.9V is possible, but black screen when antivirus and firewall programs are loading...

This means that my memory runs only at 640Mhz at 1.9V and 4-4-4-12 (increasing to 2.0V and 5-6-6-18 doesnt help).
I've now checked what exact memory I have. Specs are here:

According to this pdf, my memory should run at 667Mhz with 4-4-4-12 with no problem. hell, it should even go up to 675Mhz!
Does that have anything to do with the memory divider? it is 1:1 of course, not the default of 5:3. If not, what's wrong with that memory?? :(

does anyone know what means "Option1" and "Option2" for the memory configuration on the Gigabyte 965P DS3 rev.3.3 mainboard? I have it at Option1 (default).

help plz :(
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  1. still no clue... :(

    I had a thought... maybe it's the processor that's limiting me? However, in the beginning, I tried the following settings and it didnt work, too:

    FSB 220 Mhz
    memory divider 4:3
    memory clock: 587 Mhz
    memory volt: 1.9V
    latency: 5-5-5-15

    Now, if these settings don't work, it MUST be the memory that's limiting, right? I wonder if I have a right to complain to Corsair and ask for other a replacement module...?
  2. Hmmm... So it's stable (you're sure?) at stock but crashes at 220FSB? RAM shouldn't be the problem, I think a bump in volts is in order. Try upping the MCH +.1 and the vcore up to say 1.325, see if you can't get the FSB higher that way. Leave the RAM divider at 2.0 and 1.9v, that should be fine. Check out this handy guide on OCing DS3s,

  3. When you say FSB 220 doesn't work, what exactly do you mean? What are the symptoms?

    I have an S3 (as opposed to the DS3) and I had a problem of not being able to reboot my machine at anything more than FSB 215, even though when I first change the settings I can get into windows just fine. But when I try to reboot, the computer reset itself to stock. I was even able to run my computer absolutely fine at FSB 300, but when I would reboot... right back to stock. That is, until today. :)

    First, I figured out I was being rather stupid, because I was thinking that when I had my DDR2 voltage sat to "Normal" it would be the stock voltage for my particular RAM (exact same RAM as you, but 2x 512 instead of 2x 1024). Wrong! Normal means 1.8 volts for the S3 (and DS3 I'm sure). So I upped that to +0.1v (1.9v). Still wouldn't reboot properly. So I upped the MCH by +0.1. Now the computer runs perfectly at stock CPU voltage, FSB 300 (2.7 GHz). Reboots fine, no resetting to stock.

    I also have a hard time believing the problem is your RAM because When I was experimenting with my OC, I put the RAM settings on auto before I set them to manual later. Well, the auto setting set my ram such that it was running at 500 MHz at one point!! That means 500x2=1000!!!!!! The auto setting had automatically lowered my timings to 8-8-8-19. And my computer booted and ran for a while, until I ran orthos for a couple minutes, then my computer froze.

    But the point is, I have nearly identical ram to you (CM2X512-5400C4) and it successfully ran at 1000MHz (2x500), for a while. Then I suppose it got too hot and froze my computer. So I think your ram should be able to go a good deal higher than 675, 800 probably wouldn't be a problem for it at 5-5-5-15. I'm currently running them at 750 (4:5), 5-5-5-15, 1.9v, FSB 300, no problem.

    Bottom line is, try MCH +0.1... worked for me.
  4. "option 2" is for running memory over DDR1000.

    I know what your problems are, kind of, and you have 2, and the problem is almost certainly NOT your ram. The problem is the mainboard, and again it isnt. let me explain. One. The DS3 doesnt like the E4300 for high OC and the DS3 can be picky about memory multiplier settings. And two, your Vcore is too low.

    I had patriot extreme DDR800 that wouldnt go over DDR835. So I switch to Ballistix DDR1000 and couldnt get it to post over the same. AND!!! I had 2 DS3's. The first one the LAN chip went out after a month. But the RMA replacement had the exact same issue with ram settings so it seem to be the mainboards issue in this regards. My settup is squirrly when I use 2.66x, 3.0x, or 3.33x mem multi's. I can run my D9GMH chips at DDR1200 using a 4X mem multi(300x4=1200), but I cant even get it to post using the 3x multiplier!!! which is only DDR900!!!

    The DS3 is a world class overclocking mainboard capable of hitting 450FSB easily. Most "can" do close to 500fsb. But not with a E4300. You need a E6XXX CPU for that.

    The early E4300 would do close to if not past 3.6Ghz regualrly. BUT!! Not any more. Intel cut back on the overkill built into C2D and now a E4300 is lucky to hit 3Ghz. And anything past 3ghz is considered extra gravy nowadays. So at close to 3ghz you may be near the ragged edge already. Something to keep in mind. But for sure your Vcore setting of 1.29v is way too low. 1.325v is stock V for 1.8GHz and you want to run 3Ghz or so? You need more V.

    First just try a Vcore of 1.36-1.38 and see how things work. Maybe a little higher if you want to find out your absolute max OC. But stay under 1.5v for Vcore or you seriously start to risk electromigration. ie burnt CPU syndrome. Then see how far you can lower your Vcore before errors. At that point, getting errors, I'd say adding a +.02 to Vcore shoud assure stability.

    Also try upping your FSB to 333. Your mainboard is rated for it after all. Im not a pro on the "strap" of the NB but at 320fbs your NB could still be running on the 1066 strap. Who knows?!?! And bumping to 333fsb may bump you into the 1333 NB strap and thus run smoother. And set your Memory multi to 2x. Give your FSB, and MCH voltage control +.1v.

    My best understanding of the strap is that the NB has timings much like your memory does. And going from a 1066 strap to 1333 strap loosens the timings so it can run better at the higher clock speeds. Just the same as loosening your memory timings can allow for higher memory speeds. Where is actually switches is your guess is as good as mine.

    If your CPU turns out to be not everclockable enough regardless of everything else. try a under week 30 E6300. It will probably do close to 3.6Ghz stable as long as you have the right CPU cooler. You might be able to find one on ebay or maybe talk to one of the heavy OC'er guys here and see if they will sellyou theres.

    Anyways, in summation your problem/s is your Vcore is too low and the DS3/E4300 combo.
  5. hi,

    thx for your replies, (especially little_scraper),

    I solved the problem - it really was the Vcore!!

    I never thought about it, because I never changed the setting (it was 1.325 in BIOS), so I figured it would be default and CPU-Z is reading it incorrectly.

    But now I set it to 1.350 in BIOS, and under full load, CPU-Z reports 1.312

    From that point on, everything worked fine with these settings:

    FSB = 334 Mhz
    CPU clock = 3006 Mhz
    memory divider = 1:1
    memory clock = 667 Mhz
    latencies = 4-4-4-12
    Vcore = 1.328 (idle)
    Vcore = 1.312 (load)
    vDIMM = 1.9V

    I am happy now with this overclock, even though I now believe that the memory could go higher. But I don't want to push the CPU so hard... it should last 3 years :)

    (that's also why I was reluctant to increase ANY voltage except MCH, where it's rather safe)

    I still have no idea why it wouldnt boot at FSB220 - maybe the 4:3 memory divider doesnt work at all - only the 5:3 and the 1:1
    but now i don't care anymore ^^
  6. Dont worry about the memory only running at 667. Even if you switch to DDR1066 (PC8500) you will only gain at best 3-4% overall system performance gain. AT BEST!! 2-3% is more realistic. Memory speed just doesnt make that much difference in OVERALL system performance. Its the increased CPU speed that will gain noticable returns.

    I have run my memory from DDR800 to DDR1200 and I cant tell a difference at all. In games I gain a few FPS. But going from 50 to 53 fps or 70 to 75 fps isnt going to be noticeable.
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