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Hi, Im another one of those customers who are fed up up vista's reliability issues

The newest issue arose when i installed a fairly simple a4tech usb keyboard. XP recognized it right away and installed drivers. But as for vista it started working but then a dialog box asked to install drivers. i chose automatic installation but it was unable to download any drivers from win update. I have tried it many times, even searching the Windows root directory for a keyboard driver but to no avail. Bravo Microsoft for another 'aero-coated' disappointing OS!!!!!!

Please help!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Why don't you select your keyboard from the manufacturer product page. Then look carefully and determine if the manufacturer has supplied specific drivers for your specific product for use with Vista. If not, your Vista installation will supply a basic driver to operate your keyboard. You can see that basic driver in your Device manager. Otherwise the keyboard would not function AT ALL.
  2. My Logitech keyboard and all it's extra buttons works without installing any type of special driver or software... it worked under XP as well. You shouldn't need to download and install any drivers to get the keyboard to work... it should just work. I'd suggest leaving the keyboard plugged in and rebooting... Vista should install "USB Human Interface Device" without any need to search for drivers.
  3. My two Logitech G15s have Vista 64 Drivers. Same for my two G5 laser mice. But then my two Logitech MX10's have no Vista driver. My MX518 has a Vista 64 driver. LOL.
  4. Well my model is KB(S)-720 and it has no drivers for vista. It, according to a4tech, does not need a driver. My friend had one of these keyboards and it worked fine in vista without any external drivers
  5. @ Zoron

    Well yes thats what i thought. But when i boot while the keyboard is plugged in, the keyboard starts working but then vista shows a dialog box asking to install driver. When i do auto install it fails to acquire drivers from windows update and the keyboard stops working. Its quite annoying!!!
  6. I am not familiar with a4tech, but you should be able to plug it in and use it. Do other keyboards work with your Vista system. I suppose it could be possible Vista is recognizing the keyboard as some other device?
  7. Do you have an adapter to convert the USB plug to PS2? Try that.
  8. @badge
    Yes i do. Will try it and let u know. Vista recognizes it as a USB Human Interface device
  9. Yeah, try the adapter. I have had a problem with a keyboard in Vista before. It was caused by a MB utility (ASUS Maximus Formula X38) that was a bad application from the MB maker ASUS. Eventually ASUS put ourt a fix and the 'bad' keyboard issue was solved when running the utility. So, maybe something in your system is conflicting when you plug it in. I mean, your friend's same MB works in VISTA, but he does not have the same system, MB, CPU, hardware and software installed for that matter. yeah, try the adapter and running it as a PS2 setup.
  10. OK Thanks alot
  11. Nops. Same thing with the adapter. XP recognizes it immediately while vista is unable to install a fairly simple driver.

    Is it possible that my driver file is missing in the root Windows directory???
  12. Well, it's possible your registry is corrupted and you will have to reinstall the OS. I asked earlier if other keyboards worked. It is also possible there is a software conflict. Some other program like a MB utility is conflicting like the problem I had.
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