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Hey guys ... Need your help to find a particular type of software .. I am looking for a software which can install multiple programs silently, while requiring little or no user input at all (unattended installs) ... like for example, I'm sure you must have seen those software of computer Recovery CDs (which come with branded PCs), which automatically install a set of drivers, software, etc. automatically, with requiring the least user input .. I need something like this, for making a software package which I can distribute to other people .. Please note that I DO NOT need this for deployment on a network .. the PCs where I want to use this multi-unattended installer on, are not operated by me ..

There are two types of software which can help me out here:

1) Macro-recording like Programs: Programs which monitor which buttons you press, etc.. during an installation, and then just copy these actions again when they are asked to silently install the programs on other machines .. Example: Almeza MultiSet 6.3

2) Change Monitoring Programs: Programs which find the change in the computer's settings from before and after an installation .. changes in registry, files/folders, etc ... Example: EMCO Remote Deployment Kit ..

I am looking for something similar to the second type above, since they are better ... in macro-recording type software, a single button more or less can literally make matters a lot worse !

I don't really care if the software is Freeware or Commercial .. I can pay for it, even if its expensive .. it just needs to be good! :)

Please help me find a good software meeting the above mentioned needs people :)
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  1. any help people ?
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