P5N-D standby problem vista 64

Hi all,
I have a P5N-D with 8 GB RAM DDR2-800MHz, C2Q Q6600 and a ASUS EN9800GTX.
Newest BIOS 602 installed with vista 64, Nvidia nforce and gforce drivers are the newest official ones.

I want to use the standby hybrid sleep, but it does not work reliably, every third time or so it does not completely shut down the fans still turn and but the display stays black, and it can not be waken up only be pressing the powerbutton for 5 seconds with a new start, disruptive shutdown is in the event log written.

Anyone having similar problems or suggestions what i could test?

Besides the standby problem, the system is running smooth also under stress.

Thanx for any suggestions and help.
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  1. That could be a number of things - Sleep mode incompatible devices and their associated drivers would be the #1 suspect, but there's a lot more to check than I could accurately relay in a post. Chere's a checklist:

  2. Thanx for the hint i have only a multicardreader and sata hdd a joystick. I will try to install a driver for the keyboard.
    I have checked the settings they reccomended in the vistax64 forum tutorial. The only thing that is left to do is i will check the
    powercfg -devicequery wake_armed command to see what is in. I will also check if the cardreader is somwhere in the device manager and try to find a new driver for it.

    How can i find out which driver is the trouble maker, somehow in the event manager or the reliabiliy monitor?

    Will keep update on progess.
  3. Sorry for the necro-posting but this was the #1 hit on Google :p.

    I've been experiencing the same issue but I can't seem to find anyone that's reported back on their success with troubleshooting the problem.

    Anyone got their sleep/standby/hibernation working?
  4. A BIOS update would probably be your best bet.
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