reconstructing desktop/prog files after XP reinstall

A few days ago an update cause my Sony Vaio laptop to show only the wallpaper at startup. It never finished booting, but I could launch Firefox from task mgr. Well, after several days of poking, prodding, regedits, and reinstalls I still could not complete the SP2 update. Did an XP repair & still could not get SP2 laid on. Last night I finally did a complete XP reinstall. I'm now in the process of d-ling drivers.

I named the new install - "New," my previous was "Me". I also have docs&settings for: Admin, All Users, All Users.Windows, Default User, Default User.Windows, Me.Vaio. All Users seems to have all of my installed progs listed in the Start Menu>Progs, yet my new install shows only the Windows bare basics.

1 - How do I get those imported to my "New" profile? Simply drag/drop the Program Files folder??

2 - Somehow the desktop folder for the previous install (Me) is gone. Of course the new install has the clean desktop. Anyone know of a way to recover the old one & port it to the new install?
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  1. You'll find everything in the Documents and Settings folder.
  2. Thanks.
    I have found the progs in the Start>Programs under Me>Docs&Settings as I stated above. Is the SOP to just drag it into the new install?
    As for the former desktop, it is no longer existent in the Me>Docs&Settings. I fear all the stuff I had on the desktop got blown out.
  3. Yeah, if it's not there, then it's gone for good. With email, you'll probably have to import from the old files... but most other things (like Favorites or Address Book) should copy over and be available without any extra effort.
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