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I am now looking to buy vista home premium, but need help picking which version.

Just for reference I know the difference between OEM and the Retail Licence

Choice 1 - Vista Home Premium OEM 32bit sp1 --- £63.72

Choice 2 - Vista Home Premium Retail Upgrade sp1 --- £68.99

First question :- With the retail upgrade, I am right in saying that at some point in the install It will ask me to insert a previous version of windows ? if so I have XP Home OEM, will this do ?

Second Q :- Both are sp1 packs, does these contain 2 discs, i.e.. one with vista on it and a separate disc with service pack 1 on it or just one disc that combines both, just like a disk you have slipstreamed. (Not a major issue, just for info)

Third Q :- If I intend to dual boot, will the upgrade version allow me to do this.

Last Q :- I know the full retail gives you the option of getting the 64bit version, does the upgrade version have the same option or is the 32bit and 64bit on the disc ? I realize the OEM has separate versions

I am slightly swaying towards the retail upgrade, just to have the option of moving from one system to another. but still can't decide
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  1. 1) Nope, it doesn't. Unless it's an update/upgrade version. Full version doesn't ask for that.

    2) No, I don't think so. I think the SP1 is integrated into the same disk.

    3) It's a matter of config. You can have 100 Windows on 100 partitions. You're only confusing yourself.

    4) I don't know about Home, but Ultimate def. comes with 32-bit & 64-bit on 2 disks.
  2. Cheers akhilles

    found out more on my question 4

    home premium comes with 32-bit DVD only, but has a url to order a 64-bit DVD from Microsoft (the review I read said its $10 + $6 if you want it extra quick). I've no idea what it will be for me, being in the UK, as you have to put in the product key before it gives you a price.
  3. Contact MS on the order webpage. There must be a link.
  4. You can use the upgrade disc to install Vista with no other media required... it's not official, but MS doesn't seem to be doing anything to discourage it, either.
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