Word 2007 Keeps Switching to English (US)

This is utterly frustrating. Word refuses to set itself to EN-UK. I'll load up a document and it always defaults as US. So, I click the language at the bottom, select English UK and set it as default. Okay, fair enough, it goes to English. But, then for no apparent reason it'll switch back to US half way through the document. It's utterly illogical.

I can set it to UK. Load up a new document, it'll be in UK. Paste some text - it goes US. All language settings in Office have been set to UK. I've set all setting sin Vista to UK. But nothing seems to be working here.

The hell is going on? Can I delete the US language from my laptop somehow? I've tried deleting Normal.dot but that hasn't helped. Can't re-install as the disk isn't to hand.

Please help. :(
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  1. Hi edam!

    I was experiencing same, needed to set MS to UK English. Try this site, http://www.lizjamieson.co.uk/2007/12/03/how-to-set-the-default-language-dictionary-on-microsoft-word-2007/

    Hope it helps...the settings are in MS Office/MS Office tools under your start menu

    good luck!
  2. Maybe it isn't the case any more with Word 2007, or it doesn't correspond to your worry, but...
    In Word 97 and 2000, language is a parameter of each paragraph, so even if you set it for the document, pasting a new paragraph may way set a different language there.
    New paragraphs created by <enter> inherit the language as they do for the format.
    This took me time to understand, and it may well be worse between English variants, as software is probably unable to distinguish between them.
  3. I have a similar problem where it switches from Canadian English to French or Spanish sometimes in the same sentence then I have to close the entire thing down and restart the program where it will work in Canadian English for about five minutes before changing to French or Spanish.

    This is incredibly frustrating and Microsoft doesn't seem to be available for assistence.
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