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i would like to know what everybody here thinks is the best web browser!

please vote and be honest!
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  1. Where is the "none of the above" choice?
  2. Maybe the poll should include separate versions numbers too?
  3. There's no such thing as "best". No best OS, no best browser. All have their plus and minus points.
  4. choose the one that you prefer to use

    i did this poll cause there seems to be a battle of which is the better web browser.

    if by any chance i didn't write down the web browser you prefer write the name in a reply
  5. i prefer cometbird

    but still not the perfect choice nothing is perfect
  6. Safari is really good, but.. why isn't multiple choice? and, where is the others option?....debian has a really good web browsers
  7. I prefer mozilla firefox . :)
  8. I am using Latest version 4 Mozilla Firefox Browser,It's very Stable and fast one...I have checked my speed using the browser,the uploading and downloading all fast.I checked my upload and download speed at Ip-details IE is not fast in page Loading,But firefox is best if you open more tabs also ,it won't get crashed,It has many addons.
  9. sorry to see that Google Chrome has not got any vote!!!

    after firefox Chrome is the leader,dunno how IE,Safari,Opera(opera mini for mobile is best but in PC it is crap) have got so many votes.
  10. Firefox 5
  11. Firefox is also the oldest as it grew out of Netscape Navigator which pre-dates Internet Explorer.
  12. I've been loving Opera lately. :)
  13. Personally I like Chrome. It loads everything pretty fast. IE8 is rather slow at a lot of things. I'm a Web Developer, so I use Mozilla at work mostly because it has all sorts of development tools/addons. If you're looking for an something simple and fast I'd say go with Chrome.
  14. Where's Camino?
  15. I use Opera and Firefox, but since I can't vote twice I'm voting for Opera to balance the scales (I'm guessing Firefox is ahead).
  16. I voted for firefox but this latest 6.0.2 version is really starting to bug me. So far it feels like it has a 50% fail rate at rendering sites properly. I'm constantly reloading pages here on Tom's, netflix, etc... seems like much more often lately. Chrome and IE are here for backup, but not quite fed up yet.
  17. I prefer IE9, older versions suck though. however it doesn't really have any addons or anything, but they all have their positives and negatives
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