"The disk is write-protected" please help

On certain files all either mp3 or movie files ive downloaded or moved from another computer i had before this one are unable to be deleted or removed. Every time i try to remove or move this files it says "The disk is write-protected"...when i right click them there's not even a option for delete i have to try to drag it to the recycling bin but that doesn't work either...I'm running out of space on come hard drive please helppp = )

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  1. On what OS did you get those files? If for example you got them on XP, then plug this drive in Vista, the permissions/certificates aren't the same.

    Try copying the files to Vista, after, delete the originals.
  2. idk man it seems random...i turn my computer on sometimes and i cant delete files in that folder and when i try to download legal torrents it also says media is write protected...and then other times i turn my computer on and its just fine...
  3. Take ownership of the folders in question... that should get you going.
  4. how would you go about doing that?
  5. right click on the folder where ur mp3s are in go to properties then security, click advanced then owner on your username click on it and tick the box below, you should now be the owner now
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