Access denied when trying to copy PQI file to a NAS

I have a problem, very closely related to

The main problem
- I created a PowerQuest image of my 2003 Server (also active directory server) on the D: partition
- I would like to save a copy of the image (PQI file) on the network drive for off-site protection purposes
- When I try to copy and paste, I get "Cannot copy xyz, Access denied"
- I tried to change properties on the individual image files but then I get an error when I right click on the file to view the Properties - > Security
"You do not have the permission to view or edit the settings for file xyz, but you can take ownership or change auditing settings"

BTW - I am logged in as the administrator, but because this is an active directory server, I cannot log onto the local machine but only the domain

any help is much appreciated
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  1. you need to go to advanced security setting and change the protection of the copy protected file. Second use the attrib + file name and change the copy protection

    If i go select "Advance" on any of the "security" settings of the files, my options for
    "Permission", "Auditing" and "Effective permissions" are masked out. I cannot change them. Strange thing is that i am added as a "Owner"

    Also, the file is not "Read only"
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