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Hello....need help with getting Ubuntu 10.04 to connect to the internet...Once in a while, it will connect to the LAN...but will never load a web page.
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  2. What hardware are you using? Specifically the network adapter and router.
  3. Try to set it up manually rather than using DHCP.
  4. PreferLinux said:
    Try to set it up manually rather than using DHCP.

    Thanks for your response...I have it set to ignore still doesn't work. I tried using luck...tried ndiswrapper luck. I'm looking for a wireless network adapter that is compatible with both Windows and Linux.
  5. Ndiswrapper uses the windows driver to communicate with the wireless card - most wireless cards do have some level of support in linux natively. What card are we dealing with?

    Are you using wireless security (WPA2?) You'll probably need WPAsupplicant instead of wirelesstools to connect to your network.
  6. Thanks for the responses...I am very new to Ubuntu...but I like what I've seen so far, except for this problem getting online. I'm sure glad I didn't do away with Windows yet!

    My network adapter is: Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter


    Thanks again for the help...
  7. I forgot to add that I am using no security. No DHCP, either.

    Scroll way down to the bottom of the page and read under section option 2.

    The driver is built into the system already. Here's what I would do. Boot the system with the usb wireless unplugged, login and open a command prompt (terminal). Plug in the adapter, wait 30 seconds and then type 'sudo dmesg' it may ask for your root password or not. It will scroll alot of information, but we're only interested in the last handful of lines, it SHOULD say that it detected the device plugged in and setup. Next type 'sudo ifconfig' and you should have several entries, you should have one that says wan0, and it should have an IP address.

    Additionally, I recommend you activate DHCP before these steps, that way it will connect and get the proper addresses.

    Traditionally USB based wireless has been problematic in linux. The support is there, but with such a vast number of adapters using the same chips, each has the potential to require minor driver variations, and thats just too much for a volunteer effort to support.
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