Help with the aw.dat for Maya 2009

Does it matter what the name of the file is? Mine came with aw_09.dat so I'm replacing aw.dat with aw_09.dat. Also, when copying the ethernet address, I've noticed quotation marks around the address. Am I supposed to include those or leave them out?

So I've tried it both ways and I still cannot get the license to install. It says that "The file contains invalid data."

When I tried without the quotes and did the keygen, the aw.dat file says "Invalid license file syntax."

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The name of the file doesn't matter BUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS when you copy the ethernet address JUST COPY THE NUMBER BEFORE THE SPACE: example "0013f00f3rt8 0039283736h5". THEN JUST COPY "0013f00f3rt8" (with the quotation marks").

    And then it works!!!

    I struggled to find the solution..
    I don't know why nobody explained it better in the notes before.
    Anyway, now it's done!

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