D3D drivers bad, trouble repairing with XP disc

Hiya, I am having prob with older chipset K400 with good GF 5900 card, whenever I go into any 3D game, it either shuts down game or whole puter. It says device driver not found where expected in D3D area. Each time is a little different, depending on game.

I replaced the memory, video card, and tried to repair the XP OEM Home with the disc, but it seems to want a password to go forward with repair.....

I thought I had done this before without the password, I only use those on my main big fasty machines. Any help on how to repair or replace the D3D drivers or 9.0C section appreciated or just an opinion on what I am doing wrong...

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  1. ME AGAIN, I tried using passwords, put them in three different places, and no go.... wouldn't recognize any of them. Going to reformate since it is only time.. Best guess is the Nero software that came with disc. IT is too much, I know it is screwing something up, 17 programs for "Essential" programs. I just want to burn simple cd and dvd... oh well, it is free... I will try 3D without the burning and with the burning software... I will try to let you know if that was it.
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