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Screen goes black as windows vista 32 loads...

Hi guys, i have a problem. I have a Due Core Pentium 3gb running windows vista with the first service pack. I have a nvidia Geforce 786mb graphics card, soundblaster sound card, 2g ram, 500mb hard drive. When i turn on the computer it appears to load fine but right when i get to the part when windows vista 32 is loading and it shows the globe with screen goes dark and then says no signal. I can hear windows continue to load but the screen never comes back on. The computer starts up fine in safe mode however. Ive run a virus check in safe mode and found nothing. i did a system restore and that did nothing. any ideas of what could be going on? Thanks!

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    Start into Safe Mode, Delete your video drivers and restart.

    once the computer is up again, go to the nvidia website, download and install the proper drivers for your card.

    Also - You didn't say, but it sounds like your card is an 8800GTX. That has a second power connector which gets juice directly from the Power Supply... That *is* attached, isn't it???
  2. Um, not sure if the power thing is attached, ive had the computer for almost a year and it just started doing this. If i cannot fix it i will check. Today i cannot even get into windows in safe mode. Any ideas?
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