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Hey all,

I've been having this weird problem with my Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit system since I installed it. Pretty much, when I run cpu intensive programs like iTunes, the computer slows down significantly to the point where the mouse no longer moves smoothly (it jumps every so often). Furthermore, if iTunes is minimized while playing music and I maximize it, the music starts skipping and repeating itself for about a minute and then starts playing normally again. However, this only happens with a few programs, and I've run Prime95 (four instances to test an overclock) for 12 hours with no problems. During the torture test, my mouse moved fine and the cpu was at 100%. Any idea what could be causing this?

By the way, here are my specs:

Intel Q9450 processor
Gigabyte X48-DQ6 Motherboard
8 GB (4 x 2GB) Mushkin XP2-8500 RAM
500 GB WD Caviar HDD

Thank you for any and all help!!
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  1. What version of iTunes?? I know the older ones didn't work well at all...
  2. I'm using iTunes version
  3. I've noticed a bit more about the problem. It's also happening when I use the Lightscribe Template Labeler during the actual printing of the label. The computer will not run smoothly until the writing is done, but the CPU usage is only at 28% and the physical memory usage is at 21%. Nevertheless, the computer still refuses to operate properly. When I tried to open My Computer during this, it took a full 30 seconds before the window popped up compared to its normal time of less than a second.

    I figure it's got to be a vista bug of some sort. Sometimes my computer runs perfectly, but other times it feels like it was built in 1990.

    Please provide any help you can.
  4. Run the programs in XP mode in properies in Vista, sounds like driver/software bad coding.
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