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I have an Acer Aspire 8930g that comes with Vista. I installed Windows 7 (crack-version) and than the cd-drive wouldnt work and than the sound dissapeared.

Then I installed Linux Ubuntu 10.10. The sound came back, but the cd-drive is still gone, and worse, the other hard-drive is lost too......

Soooo I wonder what to do.. I would like to get Windows back, but I have no cd-drive, and no Windows-disc either...But I have the key written under the laptop.

Is there any chance I can use the same Windows-key once again ? or do I have to buy another?

Or maybe something "discovery-stuff" you can buy can help??

Thank you:)
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  1. I'm sorry, but as soon as I read "I installed Windows7 (crack-version)" I stopped reading.
  2. hehe why?
  3. You deserve whatever you get for using pirated software.

    Not much sympathy for software thieves on this forum.
  4. Read how to use System Rescue CD to wipe your hard drive clean with zeros at another post in this forum, here -- http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/237379-50-ubuntu-windows-issue.

    Once the hard drive is wiped and formatted, download not ubuntu, but peppermint One, for your laptop. It should be a great fit for your system, I would think. And it uses not only ubuntu repositories, but its own and, many times, mint repos, too. Download it here -- http://peppermintos.com/.

    Have fun and stop pirating things that will get you in trouble!
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