First Boot after new build?

Hello tech ppl...I have built my first pc and have a few questions on the proper way to boot up the first few times?
Componets are as follows:
Thermaltake V9 black ed. case.
Thermaltake toughpower 750w ps
Foxconn A7GM-S MATX motherboard
AMD 7750 black edition CPU(unlocked)
Evo 120 cooler
OCZ platinum 4GB (2x2)DDR2 1066 in dual channel mode.
WD 640GB sata caviar black HDD(OEM)
ATI 3870 ruby edition graphics card in hybrid mode.
SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD/combo drive.
Windows vista home premium 64 bit OS (OEM)
How should it be booted up the first time? With the foxconn CD?
At what time do i connect to internet?
When do i install the operating system and update drivers and ATI software...etc?
Thanks in advance for any tips and/or recommendations.
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  1. If your version of XP is pre sp1 then you will need to get your sata drivers where you can get to them.
    A floppy disk works best.
    The windows install will need them.

    Otherwise just install windows then foxconn drivers then video drivers then antivirus.
    Once that is done you canget online and goto foxconn and see if they have newer drivers, they prolly do.

    If you run into trouble go into your bios and check the voltage for the ram and set it to 2.0V as that is what that memory wants and will sometimes be an issue.

    It is also possible that it will only want one stick of memory in when setting up windows. No one really knows why but it often makes a difference.

    With that big of a HDD I would consider 3 partitions.
    This will give the option to keep important data away from the op system in case something goes wrong at a later date. It will also give the option in case you want to run Vista or W7 later on.

    Also if you need to repost put it in the XP section as more people read that forum and you will get a better response.
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