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Does anyone know how I can install Ubuntu 10.10 in multiple computer (30) whitout having to fully complete the installation on each computer ? (computers are not in a network, they still have windows XP on them, and I need to install a modified distribution with the last update and with my configuration)

Can you give me a well documented solution,

thank you
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    Install on one computer, clone the hard disk with Norton Ghost, clonezilla, whatever, install that clone on the other computers.
  2. That would be my suggestion as well. You can setup one completly the way you want, then clone the drive onto an external HD, dvd, etc. and put it into the next machine.

    If you ever do want to network these computers you'll have to manually change the computer name and a few other minor assignments - but only if they will be networked.
  3. going with a pure Ubuntu solution, you can use "dd" via the live cd to clone the harddrive if you don't already have something better already like Ghost or something
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