kcline06[at]gmail.comHi, this is the 1st time i've used this forum. Not sure I'm in the right section but will go with it 7 maybe someone will lead me if I'm not. I am interesting in info on ripping FLV video files from sites such as UTUBE using a freeware ripping program. I've found a program that says it will rip & I can then change the video from FLV to AVI. Our son has a new baby, lives far from us & is taking video. He would like to download video onto UTUBE, and i would like to beable to rip it to make DVD movies at somepoint. Does anyone know how this works? Sure could use some in-put. If it help my computer is Vista 64bit, dualcore, 6GB Ram..............Thanks so much Karen
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  1. WR2 said:

    WR2, thanks a lot for the input. Will try the downloader you suggested. I do already have a video program that will do the converting once I get the clip from YouTube. Again thanks for taking the time to answer my question..........Karen
  2. You don't necessarily need to convert a YouTube video after you download it.
    You can get a FLV player, either stand alone or plug-in for Windows Media Player. I use ffdshow
    To download the FLV files (or other embedded media) I use the UnPlug Firefox extension
  3. For the very best quality videos - and to keep private videos private - thinking about having them send a mini-DVD through the mail:
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