UNIQUE and Strange random restart problems....

So I got my computer back from the repair shop... I was under warranty, so I figured I'd let them do the work than pull my own hair out. However, this time, I feel as though I need to deal with my problem...

So everything boots fine; the welcome screen for XP shows up and suddenly the computer will flash to a blue screen and reboot. Restarts, loads into windows; so I disable the automatic restart option.

These restarts happen randomly; either right as I load into Windows, or as I am loading the system up. Usually, when Windows loads up fully it rarely, but still, reboots. The first message I got was a problem with savrt.sys... a Norton Anti-Virus file. So... I uninstalled Norton, and installed AVG instead. Rebooted 3 times, no problems...thought everything was fixed.

Not so fast. Suddenly I get an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error; Booted up Memtest86+; ran it 3 times, no errors.

Strangely enough, ever since I uninstalled Norton and installed AVG, whenever the restart occurs it's as Windows is loading and the AVG interface taskbar logo gets an exclamation point and the system restarts.

I know this is complex, but as I said, these are random restarts. I've checked the WHQL--drivers come back well. Memory is good. Graphics card isn't overheating and when the system boots I run Age of Conan very well. Nothing is overheating, all fans work. Could it just be a bad reformat by the computer company (iBuypower)? My other thought is PSU possibly, but that idea goes out the window since when Windows loads up I can run it fine under heavy load (Age of Conan on max for 2+ hrs)

Thoughts? BIOS? Bad Windows install? Solutions?


Computer Specs:
Intel Pentium D 840 3.2 GHz
ASUS P5ND2-SLi Deluxe
2GB DDR2667 Corsair
nVidia 8600GTS 512x2
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  1. What PSU, Make/model? What was original fault? What was the fix? How did you uninstall Norton? Are you SURE its completely gone?

  2. Got an Antec TruePower Trio 650W. Original fault was that my system was only recognizing 1 CPU, even in the device manager (in fact, it was listed as an ACPI Uniprocessor instead of Multiprocessor), as well as the liquid cooling failing on me. I flashed my BIOS properly (pretty sure, at least), and upon a reboot everything seemed fine. Was fine for about 6 hours, including several restarts and full shutdowns/boots...turned it off for the night, following morning Windows wouldn't even load up. So they replaced my liquid cooling with standard fan cooling (my request, so I can better maneuver in the case) and they reformatted my HD.

    My concern was perhaps a damaged CPU, damaged RAM, or damaged video cards...but... temperature readings show my CPU as being around 45-50 idle and 58-65 under load, and I can run Age of Conan on max settings for prolonged periods of time... I'm pretty sure I completely uninstalled Norton; all files associated with it were deleted in addition to the program itself being uninstalled.

    Could there still be a problem with my BIOS; perhaps from back when I flashed it? I highly doubt that, though...
  3. Dude....


    Sounds like a corrupt driver.

    Did the moneys reload after the wiping the disk or just reload?

    Kill Disk program will take the HD to 0's and 1's, then format and reload windows. I'm using a thermal lake too but with single 12v bar. had nothing but trouble from coolermaster. I'm thinking the drive was corrupted between overheat and reloading.
    Good Luck.
  4. They did a complete reformat... wiped it clean, formatted the HD, then installed Windows XP. I'm really at a loss right now--I'm really thinking it may be the BIOS, since I can run things at heavy load well (when it manages to get in) or an erroneous installation...

    But if it were the BIOS, wouldn't the system not even load up?
  5. Run Memtest86 overnight.

  6. Will do, thanks Mike. Memtest86+ is fine, I presume?

    Also...if it were a BIOS problem (such as a bad flash)... Windows wouldn't even boot and be half-way operable, right...?
  7. Bad flash, you would not POST, never mind load windows.

  8. Ran Memtest86+ for 4 hours...6 passes, with no errors... I'm totally clueless since once I enter into Windows, I'm relatively free from the BSODs entirely, aside from very random restarts...
  9. Try a Live Linux CD, if that starts OK a few times without problems, it's your Windows install, wipe and start again. (after saving your data)

  10. Trying going into safe mode and see if you can uninstall AVG.
  11. I've been having the same exact problems as xerogio. i've done some work with it and i've come to think it might not be the software. i ran avg and stopped it before it rebooted, since mine more usually does it during the complete system scan but still happens irregularly, and found it reboots right after the file HKLM/System/Controlset001/...(couldn't see after that). Could this be the end of the scan eventhough it didn't go through the registry all the way or do you think it's still a driver problem?
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