Windows XP gone after the 30th of june???

Hi, could i be right in saying this???

I'm looking to puchase a PC in the next two months with windows XP home edition installed, given the deadline of the 30th of june from microsoft for the discontinuation of the XP licence, and assuming that my PC vendor might have all sold out of XP licences by then?? that i would need now! to run to the store and purchase a (windows XP home edition OS licence) and then take this disc back in two months to the vendor and ask them to assemble me a new PC with this XP disc to be installed..

could this be a possibility..

or can i only purchase the OS with the hardware???

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  1. will sell you the OP/SYS installation disk and product key alone, without buying anything else, but you may get it cheaper from and buy a case fan or something you may be going to need, you don't have to buy the entire hardware package to get it, just something that can be called hardware.

    Personally I'd go with WinXP Pro w SP2C OEM Full Installation.
  2. Cheers 4ryan6

  3. Or I'd buy Vista...

  4. yup---just get Vista, it's inevitable. but have Linux on another drive just in case. Vista looks like my PCLinux anyway---stealers......
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