UAC off but still asking for permission or lack of previledges

Yes the box is unchecked and I restarted my computer.

It started doing this again after I tried to install Enemy Territories: Quake Wars. Only way I can think of getting the game to work is giving permission to EACH and EVERY SINGLE FILE full control. Yes I have already gave myself full control of the game folder but these files(almost all of them) can't be modify automatically unless I do them one by one. My UAC is off but it still ask my for permission or I lack previledges to modify. My UAC is off. I checked to make sure the box was uncheck 5 times. yes I'm in admin or should I say this is the only profile on my computer. I am unable to get help from microsoft because I'm using an OEM. You guys are my last hope.
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  1. I think you installed the software with UAC on. Or as another user.

    Try taking ownership of the top folder containing the software and apply changes to subfolders & files.
  2. I installed vista 4 days ago, I didn't create any other users. UAC is off because I installed other games before it. Also I installed and uninstalled Enemy Territories: Quake Wars 3-4 times already. I can't take ownership if the option isn't there and I don't think taking ownership is available if UAC is off.
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