Fedora FTP Server - lock users to separate partition

I have a Fedora 13 server running VSFTPD. I want to "lock" users to one of the server's partitions, where they cannot go to any other part of the drive when they use Filezilla or some other FTP client.

How can I do this?
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  1. Look at the deny_file configuration description in 'man vsftpd.conf' and edit your config file appropriately.
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    google FTP and chroot
  3. I believe I have found an answer. This isn't the way I was originally going to do it, but it works.

    Make a user strictly for FTP for everyone to use.
    Make that user's home directory wherever you want your FTP files to go.
    Give them permission to access and manipulate the folder.
    Jail them to their home directory.
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