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Hi all, i recently just built my new computer, everything is working fine except that i've noticed it takes longer to boot into windows when i have a cd in the dvd drive. The drive would start spinning during boot and sort of hang there for a while before proceeding. I have tried removing the cd while its spinning and that would stop the delay. I have tried removing cd rom from the boot sequence but it doesnt have any effect. I have 2 dvd drives btw and it only seems to happen to one of them. I have no idea what is causing this and any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Could be the locations of the Optical drives in reference to the HDD as far as their connection to the M/B, could be jumpers set wrong, could be priorities not setup right?

    I have 2 dvd drives btw

    2 DVD What?

    Connected How?

    If you just built this machine yourself you should surely know whats exactly in it and just how you have it connected?

    You need to supply more information for people to help you or else we're just stabbing in the dark to solve your problem!
  2. sorry about the lack of info i have 2 dvdrw and they are connected via SATA and i have only 1 hdd SATA also. Does they way they are connected to the SATA ports matter? as in is there a particular arrangement i should follow?
  3. Hard drives should usually be connected before optical drives (ports 0 and 1, for example). However, I noticed this issue with an HP desktop as well... if there's a disc in the drive, it seems to check it thoroughly to see if it's bootable before moving on to the hard drive...
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