Windows NT need help getting a printer working please

I have windows NT ver. 4 i tried to get an old Panasonic kx-p1124 dot matrix working but it asks for a NT Work station disk that i dont have

Is there a printer i can buy that you know works with NT?
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  1. Any printer will require a driver which means, almost certainly, that you need an install disk. You can get them on eBay for next to nothing.
  2. Ok but i know NT is not that user friendly thats why i was asking if anyone knows of a printer that they have used with NT before i go out and buy one and it dosent work
  3. From what you have said so far, your current printer will work. I'd get an NT disk, which you will almost certainly need anyway, and try it before considering another printer. If you want another printer, something standard like an HP LaserJet III would be a safe bet.
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