Can't connect with windows remote desktop


System Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz 512k ram
Windows XP

I'm trying to connect to my friends computer via windows xp remote desktop.

I have configured windows remote desktop on her computer to allow access to her computer

I configured her router to allow access on port 3389 for window xp remote desktop

The trouble occurs when I try to set a static ip address

When I go to Control Panel > Network Connections > right click on LAN and choose Internet Properties TCP/IP and click on properties

I am following this page

I apparantly enter all the proper information and then I get the following message.

The combination of ip address and subnet mask is invalid. All of the bits in the host address portion of the ip address are set to 1

The webpage says set ip to after entering

Enter your computer's default gateway:
Enter your computer's current IP Address:

Why won't this work for me. Or am I following the wrong instructions.
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  1. well that web page is example on how to set your computer to static ip it wont set it static for you.

    My advice is to get your computer working with dhcp the got to run type cmd and press enter

    now type ipconfig/all

    write down your info
    ip address
    gateway address
    dns server

    got to control panel network connections
    right click the network connection your making static select properties
    select Internet Protocol (tcp/ip)
    select properties
    enter in all of that data manually and it should work

    an easier way might be to set it static from the router
    that is how I do it.
  2. If I type in ipconfig /all aren't I just going to get a address

    Or should I use the information from my modem itself at

    It gives me all the info such as IP address
    gateway address and dns servers.

    If so all I should need to do is open a port on my friends router to get a connection....correct?

    So again what I'm contemplating doing is taking the modem IP address and entering it statically in the control panel under network connections.

    what do you think? Should this work?

  3. Ok I think I understand you problem now. Once you have the port forward set up correctly if your connecting to his computer accross the internet you need to connect with the modems internet or wan address. I usually don't use windows remote desktop I use realvnc but the concept is the same. If the modem is constantly changing address then you have to set up a account to create a web address to direct you to his IP as well as install a program that monitors the changes in address.
  4. You need to ensure that your friends ISP is providing a Public IP on the connection, if not your wasting your time. You dont have to statically assign an IP to the desired machine on the LAN, most modern ADSL router will allow you to statically assign an IP to a machine on the LAN using the name of the device or using the Ethernet Address (physically address of the network card).
    Also; in your original posting the network card settings were imcomplete; you must enter an IP Address, subnet mask and default gateway and at least one DNS.
    Set DHCP to your network card (as per brw02005), do the IP config /all and write down all the details, then go into the network card and set them manually into the appropriate fields. However; to prevent an IP conflict in the future on the LAN you will also want to manually set these details in your ADSL router. This coupled with the port forwarding and enabling of RDP on the macine itself should give you what you are after.
  5. Yup, just make sure when you setup port forwarding on her router you forward it to her PC's ip. You should also reserve her PC's ip address on the router. Cheers.
  6. Is your computer and your friends XP computer on same LAN? If yes, then you can use Microsoft default RDP tool with Dynamic IP Address in order to establish remote connection. If you are trying to establish remote connection over internet, you need to use various remote support services such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc.
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