"Page not found" errors w/ Firefox AND IE

OK, interesting problem:
Ever since I built my new box (P35-DS3L/E6550/2Gb DDR2-800/HIS 3850 w/512Mb and a XP Pro fresh install) I have been getting frequent "Page not found " errors while surfing. This happens regardless of whether I am using Firefox or IE.
Now, I have all the same equipment I had before the build in regards to the internet (modem,cables, ISP). The only difference is the MB/CPU/RAM/GPU.
What would cause this to happen? Could it be the LAN port on the MB? Is it some BIOS/software/windows setting I need to tweak?
It is most annoying when you click on a link and have to keep clicking 2-4 times just to get to that page.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge and help.
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  1. OK....11 people have seen it and no-one has an idea .
    Just an FYI, it took 4 "retry's" to load this page....Please help me.....
  2. Try updating the NIC drivers...
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