folder rights in a xp domain?

i upgrade users with new networked PC's where i work, in an WINXP Domain . one of my duties is transferring their folders from c drive to c drive.

i must've acquired a "bald moment" because of a couple of transfer's i've done of late. when i hand the PC over to the user, some folders they did not have rights to them to add or delete files.

when i looked, some of these folders (all have different engineering names) only had the admins rights( mine) and not their's.

to explain better, when they login they should be the owner of those folders to do with as they please. i've had to go in and give each folder the "user's"rights individually.

is there a way to do a blanket coverage so that i don't have to go to each folder seperately, to grant the user rights---to his own folder?

for some reason this has happened a few times. not all the time. anybody got a way that i can grant them rights all at once? thanks....
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  1. oh well, no one has an answer for me. i guess i'll stay with what works.......damn this technology!
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