Lex and yaac programs not executing in fedora-10 version

hi, my system is already ready for dual boot. I install xp in system drive that is 'C drive' and fedora-10 is insalled on another drive that is 'D drive'. My problem is lex and yaac programs are not executing .I typed program in vi editor and run it by file name program1.l
it saves but it cannot execute in fedora-10 version. to run lex and yaac programs on fedora-10 o.s what to do please suggest me the answer.

Thank You
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  1. Have you actually installed the programs in Fedora? They may not be part of the default installation. (Note that in Linux there are enhanced versions of both programs called "flex" and "bison", but I believe that there should be symbolic links to the more standard names.)
  2. They are not, you have to install them from what I can see. Answered in the other thread but again:

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