Fedora 15 Alpha/ GNOME 3

Hey guys,

Anyone trying Fedora 15? I'm downloading the Alpha.

Main new features include:

GNOME 3 (openSUSE 11.4 contains the preview as well)


No minimise/maximise buttons.

All Features

I'm really curious to see this new UI in action, the screenshots on look very visually impressive. I'm giving GNOME 3 a trial, I'll post my thoughts later.

Here are some screenies from the gnome 3 website

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  1. I use arch, but when gnome 3 is pushed to stable i will give it a whirl. Though i hope there is a way to change the default to have minimize/maximize buttons.
  2. You don't "need" minimise or maximise buttons I guess because you drag the window towards the bar at the top of the screen and it maximises the screen and if you drag it away it minimises. Also, if you right click on the window bar it has a textual menu option.

    I don't think that's the worst part. The worst part is having to go all the time to the edge of the screen to bring an Expose like screen which displays all open windows. It's flashy and fun but it's a waste of time. I guess.
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