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Need Advice On Moving to Win7

I have some questions concerning my upcoming move to Win7. A bit of info beforehand: my usage mostly gaming, web browsing and music playing. The computer is the family computer so we do financials, bill-paying and schoolwork on the PC.

1) 32 or 64? I do a fair bit of gaming, especially "old-school" gaming using Dosbox. Will there be any issues with the legacy games?

2) Home or Pro? I am pretty computer savvy, but do I really need the extra features in Pro?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    64bit only if you have more than 4gb of ram otherwise 32bit--you would also need 64bit drivers for all your hardware including peripherals like printer-scanner etc--you cant use 32bit drivers on 64bit windows

    couldnt get my friends legacy game sensi soccer to work in dos box on windows 7--i had to dual boot windows 7 and windows millenium so he could play it

    never used home so dont know--but if you look on microsoft windows 7 site it will tell you the differences
  2. Thanks, that pretty much answers my questions. I'm not planning on having more than 4 GB of RAM, and I went over the features comparisons, really I could do without the extras from Pro. Thanks again!
  3. I will suggested for the 64 bit , Minimum 4 GB RAM and for Windows 7 pro.
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