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There is 3 different motherboards from Asus im not sure what is the difference between... Im looking for performance, on-board sound card and so do not matter to me i will buy top notch quality card for that. Striker Xtreme // P5B-PLUS // P5N32-E SLI Plus what is the true difference between all of these?
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  1. not much just bells and whistles
  2. Dunno about P5B-PLUS. Agreed about Striker and P5N32-E SLI, there's no useful difference IMO. Actually, the P5N32-E SLI comes in 680i flavor (most similar to Striker) and 650i flavor (better for overclocking, apparently).

    If we're talking about top-notch components and a nice budget you should take a look at the Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6. It's a bit more expensive than the Striker but it's worth it. I was planning to get a Striker but apparently Asus mobos are not that good this year.
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Motherboards Asus