Dual Monitor : On boot... 1 monitor disabled ( ? )

Hi guys,

I have this annoying problem happening from time to time.

When i boot this workstattion ( a Dell Precision 670 ), sometimes my secondary monitor will be disabled. Having only 1 working monitor.

My quick fix is to shutdown the pc, unplug the power cord from the tower then plug it back and boot again. ( only way to "restore" the 2nd monitor )

Specs :
Dual Xeon 3.0
2gb ram
Quadro FX 1400 pci-e
Monitors : Samsung 213t and a 214t

But i am wondering what could cause such a thing to happen ?
If anyone has experience or an idea for a fix, let me know please.

thank you
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  1. Check the settings in your Control Panel/Display Settings/Settings tab.
  2. and what should i look for?

    And difference from that workstation and to the others i have in the offices, is the 2 monitors aren't the exact same model.
    i only have that disabled problem with the station with 2 diff model monitor. ( but still the same brand and line of product. )
  3. I got the latest from the nvidia site : ForceWare Release 90
    Version: 91.85
    Release Date: April 13, 2007

    And my problem was happening also when i had older drivers, the package from the Dell website.
  4. Check and make sure the video cable is securely attached to the video card. Maybe a loose plug making the monitor go on and off, or the power cable also. Try a different DVI to vga adaptor if you are using one. Always check the easy things first.
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