Can someone recommend good wireless adapter?


After working with D-Link router and adapter I decided not to use this brand any more. There were driver stability issues. Secondly I could not enable other security features then WEP. Anything other method, added great delay
to DHCP process for the workstation. With 128-bit methods, the time would sometimes be in excess of 5 minutes. With WEP I got it working, but it was connecting at max. 20MBs. Now, not sure if it is due to processing power of the router or the card, or combination of both.

So I am looking for wireless adapter, that can work with advanced security features such us WPA allow for VPNs, work with Linux.

Any recomendations appreciated.

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  1. I'm using this ZyXEL, been very good Not sure if it'll work with Linux but would be worth checking out
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