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Can you re-install Vista without Re-Registering it?

I am looking to find a way to re-install Vista without have to re-activate the license online or over the phone. I actually bought a license of ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 11 HOME.. I made a bootable exact clone of already registered vista install from the current hard drive to a spare one with that software. I pulled old the original hard drive and booted from the newly cloned one and it worked perfectly except its asking me to re-register the vista online or over the phone. I mean it must have seen that it was different hard drive or something. So if there is anyone out there that has any idea how put a full exact backup of a already registered vista install onto a backup drive that you can have handy in case your current drive dies or gets gunked up with viruses and malware that you can restore from but NOT HAVE TO RE-REGISTER after you get it up and running Id be very appreciative. The main reason I want to not have to re-register is because this is for a person who keeps having me reload there vista install because the grand kids keep downloading spyware... it wont let me re-register without a hassle every time now...please help!
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    in short no! changing the hardware even just the HDD renders a new hardware id which will not match with what is in the install on the HDD, ur going to have to ring microsoft sorry dude!
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