Advice Please -- ICH8 Software Raid0 and Ghost 2003


I have a newer PC which uses an Intel ICH8. I am pretty sure I am disk bound on certain applications and games and I'd like to build and test a Raid0 subsystem.

My biggest concern is keeping a Raid0 subsystem backed up. I've been using Ghost2003 for years and its worked flawlessly for me.

Would Ghost2003 be compatible with a ICH8 software Raid0 subsystem?

If not what backup options would you suggest?

Thanks Duzie
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  1. Can Ghost restore an image to Raid?
    Check the review for Acronis workstation V.9.
    I've been using it since V.6 to sucessfully restore systems on around a dozen different computers for past 6 years.

    It has restored my Raid system from another machine via a home network. Can restore from another partition, internal drive, external drive or CD.
  2. iv successfully ghosted mine so yeah it works fine ;)
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