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4GB RAM, 4GB ReadyBoost, 2 HDDs: PageFile or RAID?

Hey guys,

i m trying to figure out the best way to set up my vista ultimate 64bit. I read a lot of stuff during the last days, some things helped, a lot was nonsense, so now i hope that you can help me to get going.

Here we go:
i use the pc for everything, which is gaming, office work, web/graphic design and occasionally some video editing.

i have 2x2GB Corsair XMS2 CL4 memory
i m using a flash drive for ReadyBoost, another 4GB of pseudo RAM
i have two 640GB WD SE16 HDDs + one 500GB WD GP external backup drive

my question is: what will give me the best performance:
having both internal disks run in RAID 0 and have the pagefile on the C partition?
or have both disks run independently in AHCI and put the pagefile in the first partition of the second disk?
how big should the pagefile be anyway, with 4GB RAM and 4GB readyboost?
would it help to buy another 4GB of RAM, considering the stuff i do?
in case of RAID 0, what strip size? 32kb? and what about cluster?

my second issue is:
what should i do with the other system files?
should i create a second partition for cache and temp data?
i ve heard that s a lot better then having a separate partition for games/program files, like i used to have. i don't have to make C as small as possible , i have enough space for backups, i just don't want it to get trashed within a few weeks.
i will create a separate partition for my data though, and reallocate the My Documents/Music... folder to that partition, for easy backup.

i ll be happy to read any kind of advice, so just tell me what you think is best.
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    RAID 0 is only used for preformance, as there is a big problem with RAID 0 if one drive fails or if ur raid hardware fails its HARD to IMPOSSIBLE to recover ur data just from looking at ur setup and what you use ur PC for raid 0 is not the way forward for you, readyboost is just a gimik for slow PC's and i cant see why you would need that as you have 4gb of ram, if you are looking for performance id buy 2 smaller HDD's and raid them keeping ur larger HDDs for ur information. I do that at home i keep an image of my fresh install so that if my raid fails 20mins later im back up again. i would only have seperate partitions for file storage not for program installs
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