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Vista Problems (enable to boot anything but Vista)


I just bought a new Dell laptop XPS M1530, with Vista H.Premium preloaded; I accessed the Bios and changed the booting order CD-DVD/USB/HDD/ etc

I tried to wipe the HDD from a CD or USB but failed to do so. I managed to clear all partitions, reparation and reinstall vista with all drives, everything worked fine.

I tried different Windows CDs, XP, 2000, 98, all of them fail to detect the hard drive. Also I tried Acronis Disk Director, Acronis Partition Expert, Paragon Disk Manager, WipeDrive, Winternals, DBAN, … all failed to detect the HDD.

All the above-mentioned bootable CDs loaded their initial screen then poped up an error that no HDD has been detected.

I need someone’s help to what to change to make my HDD detectable, so I can wipe it without accessing the operating system, as I succeeded to do so within Vista.

Thank you all
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    Go to bios, load defaults, save & exit, try formatting the hdd.
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