vista 64 wont boot even safe mode, and install dvd repair interrupted

My machine will not start. After the green repeating loading bar, the screen just stays black. It's transmitting a black screen too, because the monitor is still recieving a signal.
On restarts after this in addition to the normal "windows was not shut down properly" message there is also a message before saying windows failed to start and suggests I use the installations CD and use the repair function there.
When I try to do said repair with the windows 64 bit OEM disk, it is interrupted by a BSOD with an error of IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL that scared the computer into the Blue Screen.
I have taken the second option when you can choose to start from the DVD that scans the hardware. Right away it notices "hardware problems were detected" telling me to contact the computer manufacturer, who, since I built the thing myself, is me. So I called myself up and we decided to post my current situation here to see if anyone has any unique advice or to just marvel at how many things I've tried to no avail.

My next attempt will be to remove individual sticks of RAM and try to start up to see if I can identify a culprit yet.

[additional information: I have 4 Gigs of ram; 2 1GB sticks, and 1 2GB stick, all Wintec AMPX 800 speed. heres the newest stick
I just cleaned out the dust and reseated all the memory one time each and was hoping to not have to open the case again because I have the large and awkward, but cool
for a case...
The last time I had the computer on I was uploading a file to a Hotmail email in addition to zip/rar-ing another file, and had left the computer alone to do it's dirty work only to come back to the black screen I believe]
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  1. small update: removing the 2G stick did not let me start up normally (havent tried safe mode yet) and it still says hardware problems detected with that scan, but I didn't get a Blue Screen while trying to use the repair functions, but they didnt help much yet. I think I'm calling it quits for tonight, but I would like to have some thoughts/comments by like tomorrow after work. :)
  2. and have you tried doing a repair with only one stick of ram
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