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My Name is LEE I am having trouble trying to get my Belkin Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter - F8T031 Driver to install on Windows XP SP3, I do however understand that this device will work while using the generic driver that window SP3 has provided but I would like the ability to use " My Bluetooth places ",the Bluetooth icon that would be on the desktop...When I used the installation CD the only thing that came up was the install for Printboy...If somebody knows the fix for this issue and can HELP it would be greatly appreciated...THX for your time!!! :sol: F.Y.I - When I installed the device for the 1st time on my DELL M170 XPS I had no issues and the system already had windows XP SP2...
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  1. I assume you've tried to download a driver from the company website or something? :)
  2. You might try going to HP. I had one of those headsets and it went bad. The packaging on the replacement was branded HP. I don't know if they have a driver that works but it is worth a try.
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