Vista unable to identfiy network

ok so setup is...

evga 780i ftw
seagate barracudda 500gb HD
maxtor 200gb HD
4gb 800mhz corsair ram
windows vista ultimate 32bit
netgear wireless router WGT624 v3 (note I am wired into my router directly, the wireless router is for my gf's computer in the next room)
comcast Terayon TJ715x modem

So I've been up and running for about 2 months now, no real problems durning that time frame. Did a few updates installed a few games, nothing major. I turned off the PC last night, and the next morning I turned it on, it was telling me I had limited connectivity, local access only, or no connection at all from my network in my system tray. I thought that was a little strange, figured it was just something on comcasts end. So I took a look at my network and it was showing that it couldnt identify my network. I checked my network details and it showed my IPv4 Ip address and subnet mask, but the gateway and dns server were blank. I tried my other ethernet port, got the same thing. I tried to log into my router, and that was a no go either. I also want to point out that the date displayed was dec 12th 2002 and the time was completely off as well can't remember off the top of my head what it said.

However my gf's computer running xp was able to connect to the internet just fine. I also tried installing winxp on my 2nd HD (which was empty at the time) thinking maybe it was something wierd with vista, and I had the same problem. So I tried setting up a new connection and the only option it gave me was broadband ppoe and asking me for user name and pw to log on, which has never been the case since my connection through comcast is always on and doesnt require login or pw. I tried repairing the connection, renewing IP address, just about every vista solution that poppped up. I even tried directly connecting my ethernet port into the cable modem and got the same issue. I tried resetting the modem and router as well, tried updating network adapter drivers

also to add I hadn't installed or removed any hardware or software in the last 30 hours before this problem showed up, system restore was not an option due to the date change

Got frustrated and ended up reformatting my drive, cleared up the problem. So I am curious if anyone else experienced anything similar? Sorry can't really give any more details as I dont have this problem anymore, but I'd really like an answer or possible reason as to why this popped up and how to deal with it appropriately for next time

thanks for reading
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  1. Cindy, is this the thing you were looking for?
    It's on the list of computer accessories and parts. They have the DVI video thing to convert that jap monitor to work with your other computer. Just about any other kind of wire adaptor, usb connectors, monitor extension wires, ps2 extention wires, and all kinds of female and male swap connectors and things that I think would help your shop. If that above link don't work then goto and click on computer accessories. Let me know if that is what you need and give me your email address again.

  2. try turning on and off network teaming in your nvidia control panel. also try disabling and enabling the active nic port. the above post looks to be spam. i'd advise not clicking that link.
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