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Hello. My home wireless network works fine but it`s not a secure network. All my neighbors are brobably using my service. How do i simply enable the security on it. It`s a Links wireless G rooter.

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  1. If you go into the router setup, you should be able to secure it. You'll have to check the router manual. Also you can't set up a higher security level on the router than you wireless card(s) can be set up for. Specifically, what router do you have and what wireless cards?

    After you decide which 128-bit key you wanna use, just add it to your routers security setup. You'll also need to put in the same WEP key for your laptop or PC when you try to connect.
  3. Ok guys, thanks a lot, i`ll go and see what i can find in the menues for the router or the wireless connection.
  4. All you need is the WEP key. You know it's working when you can not connect without a password.
  5. passward
  6. password Admin for Router or Change Your Internet Security Passphrase1)Open the web browser that you use: Firefox,Google Chrome,IE,or Opera and type in the IP address for your router,and press the Enter... Read More
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