Vista 64 bit doesnt read all 4 sticks

I had vista running fine, reading all 4 sticks fine for a good 3 months, installed a new psu, still detected them fine, one day a month later i boot up and it just reads 3 gigs :S.

I tested the sticks, they all work, bios reads all 4 sticks, placing the sticks differently does not rectify the issue, neither does using 3 in random places, still reads just 3.0 gigs, i dont know what the crap the problem is since my windows whatever experience didnt go down anywhere. I have no instability issues what so ever, nothing heats up, havent played supreme commander so icant say if performance decreased by 0.5% or not

New psu is Thermaltake toughpower mod 850w if anyone wants to know, i think it happened when I lost power and got it back, but...bios reads all the sticks, i dont know what gives, but maybe you do :D
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  1. some modification on the timings of the ram might bring it back, i have seen that using 4 sticks can cause some problems on default timings
  2. I brought them from the fastest timings to the absolute slowest availible for all timings, no luck. Lowered voltages, hightened them, lowered to 667.
    This is weird :S I thought you were absolutely right since I remember recently reseting my bios and only remembering to highten my ram voltage and not the timings, which I had previously left slower when trying to fix ghost restart issues a few months back
  3. run a memtest to see if the ram has any errors in it, try only using 1 stick at a time for that to pin point which stick is giving you jip
  4. ran memtest, no errors :S
  5. To specify my situation even further, it reads exactly 3.00 gigs, not 3.072

    Performance in games hasn't decreased from what I can tell either, I ran diagnostics as well, according to vista, absolutely nothing is wrong o.0

    I did have my first memory dump ever with vista yesterday while running the game GRID for the first time, but windows blamed my audio driver (issue hasn't reoccured since)
  6. Does the BIOS see all 4 GB of memory? Are you using Vista 32 or Vista 64?
  7. Check Memory remapping in the BIOS. Because if you have it disabled you will only see 3 Gig. Enable it when you have a 64Bit OS

  8. Sorry I forgot to mention im running 64 bit, and as previously stated, yes bios reads it all.

    How exactly do I enable memory remapping, i havent seen any words resembling those in my entire bios
  9. ????
  10. I don't know what motherboard/bios you have - So all I can say is to read the manual that came with your mobo and find out...
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