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I bought a AMD AthlonT X2 Custom Builder, a complete PC minus the OS. I thought I could take my C drive out of my old PC (32 bit motherboard) , place it in my new PC (64 bit motherboard) and boot-up. Well, this idea isn't working. My C drive is XP SP3 32-bit and boots in my old PC with no issues.

This what happends when trying to boot in new PC. It finds the OS, than displays boot options screen, boot normal, boot last known good configuration, boot safe mode, etc...I try all these options, but the next screen is blue screen, it goes by to quick to read, than the PC restarts and returns back to boot option screen.

I've haven't tried booting from my XP CD, I don't think that will work, because my XP CD is old and back before all service packs.

I thought I could boot from my old C drive, replaced hardware drivers with new motherboard drivers and all would be well. I am surprised XP can't boot using generic hardware drivers compatible with new hardware configuration and than allow me to install new hardware drivers.

Any ideas, anyone.

I could re-install XP on a new hard drive, but I wanted to keep from reloading years of software, some of which I probably can't find anymore.

New Hardware is:
CPU: AMD Athlon(TM) X2 6400+
MEMORY: (4-1GB) for a total of 4GB PC6400 DDR2/800 Dual Channel Memory
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS 512MB 16X PCI Express

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  1. This really shouldn't come as a surprise to you... when you make significant changes to your hardware, Windows that was loaded from another computer will NOT boot on a new computer. This is because all the drivers (especially chipset and video) from the old computer are still being loaded and quite obviously, they won't work on the new computer.

    The only chance you have without a complete reload is to put the hard drive back into your old computer and boot into safe mode. Remove ALL drivers (again, especially chipset and vid card drivers)... this can be accomplished through device manager. Once that's done, shut down the computer and move the hard drive to the new computer. XP should reload what drivers it needs instead of attempting to load the old drivers from the old comp.
  2. Zorons given you good advice and to add to it another route you can take is to do a Repair Reinstallation of the operating system on the new computer which will initially do all the driver changing for you, keep all your existing data, however it will roll back the OP/SYS to the original installation of the CD meaning all SPs from the initial CDs installation will have to be reinstalled.

    Heres how to do a Repair Install:

    Install just like you're installing from scratch including only bypassing the F6 RAID/SATA driver loading feature if it doesn't apply to you.

    After the F8 MSFT agreement screen the Windows Installation will scan for previous operating systems on the HDD, it will find the previous OP/SYS and highlight it, simply Press R and the Repair Installation begins.

    It will seem like its installing from scratch because you'll have to re-enter the product key, but don't be alarmed when it completes all your old files and programs will still be there.

    Note: After the F8 agreement screen if it doesn't find the existing HDD then there were drivers that needed to be loaded at the F6 prompt.

    Additional Note: If you get to the option screen to Format the HDD you need to shut down the machine and start back over, if you format the HDD all previous data will be wiped out, a Repair Reinstall does not format the HDD, it deletes the Windows files on record and loads new Windows set up files, it does not Format the HDD!
  3. Thanks,

    I did the Windows XP Repair and it worked! After the repair I booted from my old hard drive in my new hardware. I loaded all the new hardware drivers and everything works like before, only faster!!!!

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