How to remove the unwanted shortcuts problem?


I don't know if the "category and sub-category" selected for this thread is proper or not. So, excuse me if there is a mistake.

I have this weird problem. Even Google search couldn't help me find any solutions. So, I'm here expecting some support.

Here is the detail on my problem:

When I upload any file through HTML page to the server, the files gets uploaded on the server. During upload, a folder is created and the uploaded file is stored in it. The problem is that after the file gets uploaded, shortcuts of the uploaded file and the newly created folder is created in c:\root folder of the server. I don't know what is causing this problem on the server. I'm using "Fupload.dll" to upload files.

FYI, the server is windows based.

Is this due to any virus, or some settings changed on server, or due to the "dll" file used for upload. Please suggest.

Thankx in advance.
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  1. I don't get it. This has honestly never happened to me. Could be a server setting though. Are you using the upload HTML of your hosting provider?
  2. Hi r_manic,

    Thankx for responding.

    I also guessed that this is due to some server setting. But I don't know where to check that in server and remove it.

    Also, I predicted that this may be because of some virus, spyware or malware. Can't say that for sure.

    The problem is not when i upload my pages to the server, but when i upload any files from my HTML page to the server.

    For upload, i am not using the upload HTML of my hosting provider. I have used "Fupload.dll" in my HTML page.

    FYI, I tested the upload script in my local server and found no such short-cuts created (automatically). The problem exist only in the main server.

    I hope someone has a better logic on the possible cause of this problem.

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