hardware change will XP still work?

My computer died on me, well to be exact my mobo. I've decided to sell the old parts and upgrade. My hard drive still works fine and has XP home edition loaded up on it. I've got files on it I want to keep and for the moment no way to get them off of there. So i'd rather not format right away.

My question is that the XP i have is originally from a Dell computer 6 years ago, it worked fine when i upgraded last time, but I heard that when you change the mobo on it then XP detects that and it wont work properly. Will I have a problem with my XP booting up? either because of drivers, etc or because XP doesn't recognize the mobo? As I've said it's already switched computers once, but I did a total format the last time.

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  1. After changing small pieces of hardware, you would be ok. A motherboard? I doubt it would boot properly.

    Why not attach the old drive to a different PC as a slave drive and remove your data that way.
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